Time for a Change…

For those of you who were visiting tspofwisdom for sweet treats, I have some bad news.

I’ve decided to revamp my blog to focus on health. Now there are all sorts of health blogs out there, and I regularly visit a number of really exceptional health blogs. This one is a little different, because there will still be those sweet treat recipes, talk of my favourite wines, and an honest discussion of what it is like to be ridiculously un-athletic and still routinely visit the gym. For those of you who know me, you might think, “Really, Julia- a health blog?! You love wine, chocolate and all-you-can-eat sushi.” It’s true- I absolutely LOVE indulging. But I also recognize that balance is the key to longevity, health and wellness. So while I indulge in all food and drink amazing, I aim to do so in moderation. By moderation, I do not mean what health blogs and magazines often do. That is, I do not think that “1 oz 105% cocoa dark chocolate” counts as indulgence. I also think that being healthy (physically and psychologically) is never the result of shame. Shaming someone (or yourself) for indulgence is counterproductive, dangerous and a waste of the short time we have on this planet.

We need to stop judging ourselves and to silence that inner-critic but I recognize that can be heart-wrenchingly, jaw-droppingly difficult. So I raise my glass of sangria to those of you who are interested in joining me on the journey as I struggle, lift, pull, push, and eat my way to health.


One thought on “Time for a Change…

  1. AmyApplesnail says:

    This kind of blog is so needed, Julia!! I was eating disordered as a teen and I have struggled to find “healthy eating” inspiration/motivation on the internet that wasn’t also slightly triggering. Thank you for inviting me to your blog! I am really looking forward to being a follower!

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