Fad Foods Don’t Have to be Bad Foods


I have a lot of trouble with food changes. I’m extremely resistant when anyone suggests that chia seeds are amazing, or that kale chips are “even better than real chips.” The fact of the matter is that I will rarely enjoy the healthier alternative more than the sugary, salty, fatty version. That said, fad foods don’t have to be terrible. You just have to play around a bit to find a way to consume these foods (if you want to include them in your diet). Here are a couple of suggestions I have:

1. Kale… as I mentioned, I’m not really fond of kale chips. Instead, I like my kale in the 7 superfood salad available at costco or other grocers. The package comes with a dressing, but you can make it healthier by creating your own vinaigrette.

2. Grapefruit. I have always loved grapefruit, but you do have to ensure that eating this little miracle doesn’t interact with any medications you’re taking. I like slivering a grapefruit and topping it with stevia to make this one a sweeter treat.

3. Flax/chia seeds. I only use flax seeds at this point, but I am making a point of picking up some chia the next time I go grocery shopping. For me, the trick with flax is that you can add it to so much and it actually makes somethings taste better- like smoothees and oatmeal!

4. Spinach. I find the way that I can eat the most spinach is by sauteeing it with a little oil (grapeseed, olive or avocado), minced garlic and lemon. It amazes me how much of this amazing food you can eat this way!

5. Quinoa. This is an extremely versatile superfood carb. I like cooking a bunch and turning it into salads. One thing I also enjoy- cooking up some sweet potato until soft, mixing in an eggs and a bunch of quinoa. If you roll this into patties and fry it in coconut oil, you have an amazing vegetarian, paleo and often organic (if you buy the ingredients organic) snack.



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