Signing up for Runs

Have you ever signed up for a run? Like getting tattoos or wine tours, signing up for runs is ADDICTIVE! Once you start with a 5 K, it’s impossible not to have the itch to sign up for more.

A lot of people ask why I pay for torture of a run- having to train, show up on race day and run in sometimes horrible conditions, and then have to recover for a week after. I mean, in what other situations do we pay to run a huge distance, sweating, crying, and shaking?

Here is why I sign up for runs: to have something to strive for.

I remember meeting a man at a race expo not too long ago. He explained that he does ultras, marathons, and triathlons regularly. Our motivations to engage in such craziness were similar. We both admitted that if we didn’t have a race day planned in the future, we’d have a lot more trouble getting out the door a few times a week for a jog. However, he also said that he signs up for races because he looks at his same-aged friends and sees them getting older in the worst ways. They are sore, stiff and bitter and he doesn’t want to suffer the same fate.

I told him that it’s strange, because running leaves me sore, stiff and bitter. He laughed and suggested that at least we know what it’s like, so when the inevitable aging part comes and we will be unable to accomplish the feats of our youth, at least we’ll know how to accept the soreness, the stiffness and the bitterness with grace.

I’ve now incorporated that motivation into my runs. I want to age gracefully and know that I did everything I physically could while I was capable of it.

Why are you signing up for a run?


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