Trying the Trends: Spin, Overnight Oats and Pedometers

Back again! And today I thought I would give some reviews on some health and fitness trends. I always like to try trends for myself and would encourage you to do the same. I might not be vegan, for instance, but I might try for a few days. I’m a fan of trying everything once when it comes to health and fitness trends- with the exception of those silly waist trainers I see on the Kardashians.


What it is: Around 60-minute classes offered at gyms in a room full of bikes; popularized for me by Kimmy Schmidt’s Soulcycle fiasco 🙂
What I did: All-terrain offered through Goodlife
The verdict: 5 stars ***** AMAZING! I can see how this is super addictive. My one word to the wise– whatever bits you have below the waist will hurt immensely after your first try. My resident spin expert says “don’t let this deter you. You’ll build up tolerance in no time!”

    Overnight Oats

What it is: Oats put in a jar/tupperware with a bunch of other ingredients to sit in your fridge for you to eat the next morning
What I did: Ground chia, 1% milk, large-flake oats, banana and peanut butter (a recipe recommended by a friend, although she used almond milk)
The verdict: 4 stars **** It took me two days to get into this, but I can actually feel myself craving it in the morning. It’s easy to make a few days in advance. My favourite thing about it was eating it before a morning run this week. I couldn’t believe how good I felt after compared to other breakfasts I eat before I run.


What it is: “Smart” pedometers (e.g., a Fitbit) measure different aspects of your lifestyle, such as sleep, steps and heart rate.
What I did: I’ve had my Garmin Vivosmart since January 2015.
The verdict: 3 stars *** I love my pedometer and wear it almost all the time. I have heard from friends with Fitbit that the Garmin is much more accurate in terms of a step count, and I believe it to be true (it doesn’t pick up any arm movement as a “step”). What I don’t like: how it looks, how slow the Garmin syncing process is (compared to the Fitbit, specifically), and the heart rate monitor that came with it. I would recommend this particular pedometer, but definitely not the sold-separately heart rate monitor. It’s a great pedometer if you like to be connected to your text messages AND I love that I can tap it twice to see the time.

I’ll continue trying trends and offering my reviews- and I hope you’ll try health and fitness trends to, while being critical about what actually feels good and suits your lifestyle!




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