I am a Wellington Warrior!

A few weekends ago, I had the privilege of running in the Wellington Warrior Challenge. It was an expensive race to be in- about $80 for a 5K run. Part of the appeal of the race is that it was going to be at a winery just on the outskirts of Guelph. The primary appeal was the cause- raising money for the Canadian Cancer Society is something that I try to do as often as possible. What I like about donating to the Canadian Cancer Society is the focus on local initiatives for people with cancer and survivors. I also like the notion of donating for general cancers, rather than for one specific type.

The Wellington Warrior Challenge was SO much fun. We got to the winery in good time for our race start, and everything was extremely well organized. We even noticed a “Free Beer” station beforehand. The only problem- it was FREEZING out!! Instead of hitting up the free beer, we bought some hot wine (all for charity, of course) before the race started.

The race was a 5 K, and there were 23 obstacles!!! Some of the obstacles were “easy,” like climbing over tube ladders. Others were more difficult- scaling a wall with minimal ledges, climbing over boards, and flipping tires. There was one that was absolutely impossible for me: wooden plank monkey bars. If you’ve ever tried monkey bars as an adult, you’ll recognize that they are a lot harder than when you are an adult. Add in the fact that each bar wasn’t on hinges and wouldn’t swing to the next made it too difficult for me.

I’ve never had so much fun at a race. I also don’t think I’ve ever been so cold. My “team” of 3 agreed that our favourite obstacle was one in which we had to work together. My lack of upper body strength made it impossible for me to climb over a wall that didn’t have a place for my feet to help me up. Instead, my teammates had me stand on their shoulders to give me the leverage I needed to hoist myself from one side of the wall to the next. There were four of these walls, so my teammates were exhausted and yet laughing the whole time.

When we finished, we definitely took advantage of the free beer!!

I’d definitely recommend an obstacle course, and to try and find one that is for a cause that you value. Fun runs are the best, and I’ve done a colour run, a zoo race, 2 Santa Claus suit races, and I intend to run the Pancake Mile in March. I recommend these runs for a number of reasons, including that people of all ages and abilities participate, and because they are a good reminder of how much fun you can have when you are healthy. I hope to see you at the next fun run!

Your’s, in health.


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