The epitome of the love/hate relationship: Running

Remember my previous post, Signing up for Runs… Well, I finally completed the Scotiabank Toronto Half Marathon that I signed up for in May or June.

It has been a battle and that battle has been between two extremes: loving and hating running…. let me tell you about the loves and hates and we’ll see where we end up.

First, I have posterior tibial tendonitis, and that sh*t is PAINFUL. Well, I have two types of tendonitis, but it’s enough of an effort to remember that first one so I don’t remember the second. Between hundreds of dollars in physio, foam rolling like crazy and orthotics, I’ve devoted a lot of time and energy to making the pain of it bearable, and to be able to run past the pain.

Hate=1, Love=0

Running is cheap! Besides signing up for runs (if that’s what you’re into) and the actual equipment (proper shoes and gear), you can’t really find a cheaper sport. Running is a great way to test yourself without having to invest as much money as other sports require.

Hate=1, Love=1

Running is the most boring. I know a lot of people will disagree, and there are certainly points about running that are interesting… like watching the seasons change, having weird thoughts when you’re on a long run, scoping out and seeing new areas in your community…. But to be alone with your thoughts and the same running playlist you’ve had for months… I mean, it’s boring as hell a lot of the time.

Hate=2, Love=1


Two more words: CHOCOLATE MILK.

Hate=2, Love=2

Running is the ultimate test. It is so hard on your body. I feel like garbage the day after a long run. My legs somehow feel simultaneously like jello and stiff poles. Recovery is rough.

Hate=3, Love=2

I just checked my time. Holy smokes– I placed in the last 1000 half marathon runners of tens of thousands. That’s horrendous because I don’t have any excuses- I’m actually that slow. I run like a minion mixed with a turtle running through peanut butter. I’m just a slow runner and that’s a reality I’ve had to face through my training.

Hate=4, Love=2

And yet, I can’t put a value on the pride I feel. My favourite questions people asked me after the race were “how did it feel?” “did you finish?” and “when are you going to run your next race?” My least favourite question has been “what was your time?” I feel so much pride in having finished the race! Though I sheepishly tell people “2 hours, 35 minutes,” I then remind myself that means that running is a longer effort for me than for others. And yet I do it because of the strength of my will, and having a concrete representation of that in my finisher’s medal is completely invaluable.

Hate=4, Love= a BAJILLION.

You can have ten thousands reasons to hate something, and sometimes you just need one to love it anyway.

Your’s, in health.


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