My Running Essentials

There are a few key things that I want to tell you about that help motivate me to run.

First, I was always running with my clunky iPhone 6. I ordered an armband from Amazon for about $15 and never looked back.


Uh-oh. Downside of armband- chafing. Oh, and my newly strong running legs also love this chafing prevention, bodyglide (~$15):


The reason I run with my iPhone is this fantastic (free) app by Nike, which logs my distance and coaches my running:


But before I go out on a run, I use an SPF moisturizer. I particularly love this one from Aveda, which is expensive (~$40) but worth every penny:

Tinted Moisturizer.jpeg

And I always wear my cheap running socks that I buy in bulk at Costco (~$15 for 6 pair), but that do a pretty darn good job through my training runs:


One thing every runner knows is that a good pair of kicks is key. I have orthotics, which I would recommend to anyone who can get them covered through insurance. However, the first step I took in becoming a runner was a trip to Running Room for good sneaks.


And last but not least, my running (and hangover) cure, Nuun ($6-$12 at Sportchek):


What products motivate you to pound the pavement?


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